We use Garnet rather than silica for our media blasting. Garnet is more expensive than silica sand, but when used correctly, offers better contaminant removal while producing less
dust and no safety hazards from the dust. Our blasting room can accommodate large items such as automotive and industrial frames. Sandblasting ensures a clean surface for the powder to adhere to. Blasting removes rust, mill scale and other surface contaminants.
Media blasting is done quickly and efficiently by experienced professionals at Victoria
Powder Coating Ltd. Other items such as bicycle frames, miscellaneous steel, car rims, and motorcycle frames also benefit from sandblasting and pre-treatment prior to being powder coated.
Some items will have areas and facings that will need protecting from blasting. Proper
taping will protect these areas from both sandblasting and powder coating. You can trust our experience when it comes to protecting the items you bring into us.
When done properly a beautiful result can be expected every time. Whether you need
something sandblasted or powder coated expect the professionals at Victoria Powder Coating Ltd to do the job right every time. At VPC "We've got you covered."


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